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So. At the beginning of the month, as soon as it was released, I downloaded the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3. I was honestly not expecting a whole lot- (SPOILERS...) Omega, while enjoyable, had been a bit of a let down with the death of the only female Turian, Nyreen, among a few smaller issues- but I was almost immediately pleasantly surprised when I finally started the DLC later in the month. The DLC starts out with Shepard receiving a nice "little" apartment from David Anderson, and quickly gets more interesting from there when, forced to take shore leave, Joker invites you to dine with him (except he didn't). Shortly after you discover that you were both lured there, all hell breaks loose and Shep and Joker are attacked, leading to Shep having to survive on her own until help arrives. That's just the start of things. Long story short, BioWare filled Citadel to the brim with extra character interaction, outstanding (if occasionally cheesy) humor, and many crowning moments of heartwarming. Oh, and lots of extra romance with whomever Shep's love interest is, which made me incredibly giddy (Garrus is as adorable as ever). The best part? Well, aside from what I just mentioned, there is very little in it that is depressing, except a funeral (optional) that I feel was long-overdue for Thane. Nobody dies that doesn't have to, except for the big bad of the DLC. Also- Wrex joins the team again- only for the DLC, which is a bit of a shame, but it's still nice.


In short? I absolutely love the citadel DLC and my only complaint (aside from the fact that you can't start the dlc until after Thane and Mordin have died) is that it should have been called "Normandy," as it is really more about the Normandy and her crew than it is about the Citadel, despite how much time you spend in the titular space station. This DLC really brought back the spirit of the previous installments and I am happy to say I will be spending hours replaying it with different characters on my team and different dialogue options. I highly recommend this DLC to anyone who likes Mass Effect, but would also recommend you hold off on playing it until after you have gotten all the characters you care about- if you like Miranda, for instance, hold off until after Sanctuary, but leave some padding for side-missions (a lot of character interaction in Citadel is triggered by emails, which are only triggered when you've done some stuff after the main quest part of the DLC). You can also hold off on doing it until after you have beaten the game for a pick-me-up.


Mari E Tibbals
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Mari Tibbals, I am an art student, studying Game Art and Desgin, and have a passion for gaming of many genres (not including sports games, as they tend not to be good and are all the same, imo, or most first person shooters, for the same reason). I love Mass Effect, Overlord 2, Dragon Age, Morrowind, and many other games that would take a page to list.

Other than gaming, I enjoy writing, roleplaying (text/forum based), and, obviously, art. I mostly enjoy doodling when I am bored and it takes a bit to get me focused on a really big, beautiful painting, but that is also fun when I am in the mood. I really love 3D. Sculpting with clay and modelign with Maya, even texturing. The onlt bit I do not like is unwrapping UVs, and painting weights when it comes to animation.

I am a cat person, but enjoy dogs, too, and want a Doberman Pinscher more than anything, but that must wait until I have time to probperly care for one. My dream is to work with some of the best Gaming companies out there, but I may be just as happy sculpting for a living. I know that I need improvement, and will work hard to be the best artist I can be, and we will see what comes next when we get there.

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